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Varieties: Xinomavro 50%-Negoska 50%
Soil: They are grown at an altitude of 250 – 400 meters and on sloping, clay and sandy loam soils.
Harvest: 25-30 of September
Micro-climate: Semi-continental climate with some snowfall in winter and hot summer. Rainfall ranges from 400 – 600 mm per year. Artificial irrigation is not possible. The mesoclimate of the vineyard is described by mainly northerly winds (Vardaris), almost absence of spring frosts and low atmospheric humidity.
Vinification: Destemming, classic red alcoholic fermentation with native yeasts and without the addition of oenological materials (enzymes, proteins, etc.). with controlled temperature in alcoholic fermentation. Each variety is vinified and aged separately. The Negoska in French oak while the Xinomavro in American oak are both aged in 500 liter barrels. The blend is done after aging.